Hello I’m Keala the creative energy behind the world of Keala’s Studio A Graphic Designer providing logo, print and web design solutions that will bring your brand to life. I provide full design support from initial ideas through to web and print campaigns.

If you are looking for a handcrafted unique illustration and graphic design agency you have landed in the right place. I am excited you are here! I love getting into the nuts and bolts of your design needs. I will shade you from the world of hysteria so we can get stuck into sharing ideas and finding design solutions.

Lets face it your project is a chunk of your life, you want it to work and so do I. A good ear and coherency will help you reach what you are searching for.

If you need a creative kick start, make a mug of chai tea to awaken the senses.
"Together we will bring your ideas to life".



Providing bespoke illustration, logo design, business design, start up packages for print and web across Bournemouth and Dorset.

Business Design

Keala’s Studio combines a sound understanding of brand design and creativity to deliver you strong design solutions which speak clearly to your audience. Your business is unique and so are your design needs. Therefore with great communication (perhaps even a coffee), reliability and intelligent design I can help you find the best solutions for your business.


Are you ready to step up and stand out? Investing in brand image is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Achieve brand visibility and client loyalty; helping you to concentrate on your daily activities like, winning customers and growing your business.


Keala’s Studio has a passion for illustration and this magic can be seen through much of our work. All our work is underpinned and carefully crafted. On most occasions clients help to shape and develop the design work by providing ideas, personality, and feedback. The important point I make here is no matter how many super duper stock illustrations there are online many of them will not meet the unique needs of your business. The beauty of developing illustrations is that it helps aid recognition of your brand and your businesses personality.

Logo Design

Investing in your business and especially your logo is one of the most important things you can do when making the right impressions to clients. We can work together to create a well planned, distinctive and unique logo. Great logos start with great ideas and Keala’s Studio has bags of these!
Best of all Keala’s Studio will go that extra mile to make sure you get what you want. During the design process we can explore different variants such as your logo design in different lockups. A lockup is simply a different layout configuration or size variants which help to manage levels of details.


Molly Heinrich

"Keala has got it 'in spades', brilliant to work with and ultimately extremely professional and patient. A big Thank You to 'Kealas Studio' for helping me to achieve my dream logo. Highly recommended".

Creative Clay for All

My beautiful logo was created by @Kealas_Studio.

Proactive Marketing Solutions

"Keala was so attentive and responsive to our particular needs as a design business. Her creatiivity and vision were integral in helping us to create a website that successfully reflects Keala's Studio. We highly recommend Keala's Studio to everyone and we look forward to working with her again!"

Kirsty Amanda

"Keala's work it truly unique as you can tell she puts her heart into what she does. Wonderful lady would recommend to anyone".

Angela Howard

"I worked with Keala to get my company logo made. She is an enthusiastic and talented designer who listens to what is needed and puts it into action. She is great to work with very friendly! I made a friend in the process of our professional work together. Highly recommended!"


I am inspired by vibrant colours and line work. The world is a very enchanting place. I enjoy observing the amazing colours and textures which can be seen each day.

Being able to capture these moments and often add drops of my own imagination is a very exciting feeling. I love being asked to do portrait commissions, it is a fantastic opportunity to be creative and consider the many elements of creativity as well as translating and reflecting the different qualities of the person.

I attended The Arts University Bournemouth for five years studying Fine Art, Architecture and Design and 3D design. During university I was commissioned by a film studio to create a library of 2D visuals. After university I worked in London as a set design assistant which has been followed by six exciting years of freelancing.

Working with clients throughout the design process is very exciting. Growing ideas and developing them into quality design is my main goal. I have had fantastic opportunity to work with some great clients such as White Giraffe Solutions, Kind hearts and Cornets, Doggy Day Care, NCS, Creative Clay for All, Trumpet Call Media and The Bicky Bakery.

Keala’s Studio delivers reliable and incredible design work. Careful, thoughtful design is my magic ingredient – check out my testimonials.